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Tesera Trabecular Technology

Tesera Trabecular Technology® is an advanced highly porous structure designed and built to support bone in-growth while providing long-term stability and strength. Read more in the Tesera Trabecular Technology Technical Brochure (PDF). Applications Advanced materials for enhanced device performance KYOCERA is committed to providing innovative products that help surgeons meet demanding patient needs. By combining […]

S140 Interbody System Resources

KYOCERA S140 Interbody System (re-branded Calvary Petra TLIF Cage) IFU (PDF)

MAX Tibial Inserts Sizes and Specs

MAX tibial inserts are available in congruent and ultracongruent configurations, as shown below.   The full range of available options in the A200 Knee System is available here.   Congruent   Ultracongruent   A (Thickness)   A (Thickness)   10mm   10mm   12mm   12mm   14mm   14mm   17mm   17mm   […]

MAX Tibial Inserts Design Rationale

Optimized crosslinking Crosslinking reduces wear, but it has been also been shown to reduce fatigue and fracture resistance. [1] Compared to the highly congruent hip articulation, the knee has more cyclic loading and higher contact stresses, making fatigue strength especially important for this application. [1,2] Thus, engineers optimized the radiation dose, ensuring MAX for knees […]

T710 External Fixator System Features and Benefits

  Wide variety of clamp options Simple, secure locking mechanism Manufactured from titanium and stainless steel alloys Configurations: Open, closed, and adjustable rod pin clamp Large, multiple pin clamp used to connect carbon fiber rods to multiple bone pins Carbon fiber rods 11 mm diameter Provides strength and rigidity Bone pin options Trochar tip or […]

S140 Interbody System Resources

Renovis S140 Intebody System Surgical Technique (PDF)

S140 Interbody System Sizes and Specs

Dimensions: 11mm by 27mm sizing Height options: 7 mm -15 mm (1 mm increments) Substantial area of graft-to-endplate contact and graft compartment Graft area: minimum 90mm2 Graft volume: minimum 630mm3

S140 Interbody System Features and Benefits

PEEK-OPTIMA®† Proven long-term biocompatibility Modulus of elasticity in the range of cortical and cancellous bone. Tapered ‘bullet-nose’ design Eases insertion Protects against violation of the endplate Inferior and superior surface ridges Resists implant migration Provides substantial surface area to prevent subsidence Large graft windows and graft volume Facilitates bony integration Central I-beam design Resists de-formation […]

A200 Cruciate Retaining Knee System

Sizes and Specs The A200 CR Knee System provides a comprehensive range of interchangeable implant sizes and configurations provide an optimal implant fit regardless of patient size or gender. A200 Femur, Tibia, and Insert Combinations Tibial Insert Sizes A B C Tibial Tray Sizes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Femoral Component […]

A200 Cruciate Retaining Knee System

Features and Benefits Addresses a range of patient sizes and situations Nine femur sizes in standard and narrow configurations Keeled and stemmed tibial tray Congruent and ultracongruent insert Designed to maximize range of motion Advanced patellar geometry permits excellent tracking within the femoral component’s patellar groove throughout the full range of motion High flex design […]