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Tesera Trabecular Technology Acetabular System
Features and Benefits

Hip Product Group

Tesera Trabecular Technology

  • Highly porous, with large interconnected pores (average pore diameter about 500 µm)
  • Produced from “gold-standard” titanium alloy
  • Not a coating: Solid and porous portions produced in one manufacturing step

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Multiple advanced bearing options

Addresses a range of intraoperative situations

  • 44 – 66 mm size range
  • Hemispherical cup design in both solid back and cluster hole shell configuration
  • Standard and 10 degree hooded liner options

Designed for liner congruency and stability

  • 12 anti-rotation tabs to maximize rotational stability
  • Fully congruent liner and shell design to minimize micro-motion

Tesera Trabecular Technology Acetabular System

Tesera Trabecular Technology Acetabular System

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