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S140 Interbody System Features and Benefits

Spine Product Group


  • Proven long-term biocompatibility
  • Modulus of elasticity in the range of cortical and cancellous bone.

Tapered ‘bullet-nose’ design

  • Eases insertion
  • Protects against violation of the endplate

Inferior and superior surface ridges

  • Resists implant migration
  • Provides substantial surface area to prevent subsidence

Large graft windows and graft volume

  • Facilitates bony integration

Central I-beam design

  • Resists de-formation during placement
  • Allows substantial bone graft compartments

Curved Contour

  • Approximated the geometry of the disk space disc space periphery, allowing contact with the most dense endplate bone

8 Degrees of Lordosis

  • Allows restoration of segmental sagittal alignment and coronal obliquity

Radiographic Markers

  • Embedded tantalum pins show implant position on x-ray, without obscuring the view of the healing fusion

10 and 25 degree insertion angles

  • Permits flexibility in surgical approach, minimizing neural retraction

Efficient instrumentation

  • Intuitive, ergonomic insertion tools
  • Trial spacers to determine optimal implant size and confirm position radiographically

Range of Sizes

  • 7mm – 15mm anterior heights

    • PEEK-OPTIMA is a registered trademark of Victrex PLC.