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S128 PEEK ALIF Cage System Features and Benefits

Spine Product Group

The S128 ALIF Cage is a zero profile Stand-alone Anterior Cage designed for ease of use and patient safety. Some text highlighting a feature.

Locking Cover Plate

A quarter turn is all that it takes to lock all four screws. And with tactile and visual confirmations, you can be confident the system is locked before you close the wound.

S128 ALIF locking cervical plate

Screw Angles

Our screw angles are set to provide maximum stability while minimizing risk to surrounding tissue and vascular structures.

S128 PEEK ALIF Cage Screw Angles

Graft Chamber

Our cage is designed for strength without the need for braces or crossbars through the middle of the cage. This allows for an extra large graft chamber to maximize the potential for a solid, rapid fusion.

S128 PEEK ALIF Cage Graft Chamber